Sunday, February 17, 2008

Picture this...

65 inch (65 INCH!!) television being delivered on Sunday.

First up? Rearrange the media room from haphazard library/game room/office/garage sale storage haven into some sort of space that would beckon people in to watch TV.

Nearly impossible, I might add, given the amount of clutter that was in there. Elizabeth, being just WAY too busy (read 'uninterested') to help me do this, took off to a color guard competition. That left Rick and I. That left I. Rick is not really capable of moving furniture... nor willing. If there's something good on TV, forget it, he's gone.

But I couldn't do it alone so I had to bribe Rick to try to help. And I did. A month's worth of uninterrupted CSI: Miami and Matlock did the trick. No comment.

Anyway, that furniture is VERY heavy but Rick and I took it an inch at a time and huffed and puffed and got it all moved. There were four bookcases that had to have the books taken off (and kept in the exact order that I had them in, because yes, I'm anal) and then moved to the other side of the room and then have the books put back on in the exact same order.

And did I like the finished product? Nope. But we were too tired to move the heavy bookcases again.

And the TV was due to arrive in less than 12 hours.

The moving completed, we called Circuit City to get the exact time for the TV and the stand delivery. We talked with person after person who would either say, "We show you paid for the TV but we have no record of the stand" OR "We see that you bought the stand but you didn't buy the TV" OR "We see that you bought the stand and the TV but you didn't pay for the assembly of the stand." Note: we paid for all of it.

What a fiasco. A full hour later we got them to all get on the same page and the delivery date was moved to Tuesday. TUESDAY? I AM READY NOW! So, yes... I was a bit ticked off at the change in delivery dates, but I accepted it. I did wish that I hadn't broken my back rushing around getting all the moving done in ONE EVENING.

Sunday morning arrives... and as I was walking out the door to go to church, the Circuit City van arrives. The delivery man knew of no such phone calls being made the night before. He only knew that he had a TV and a stand to deliver... today. I only knew that I was thrilled to see him.

So in he walks with a TV in his hand (well, on his head... literally) and an already assembled stand. And up he went with his partner, creating an amazing media room everywhere he went.

I had only paid for the assemblage of the stand but these amazing delivery guys set up the TV as well. They put EVERYTHING together. They rehooked up my VCR, hooked up a DVD player that they saw sitting on the other side of the room (still in the box, I might add... I gave it to Rick for Christmas two years ago and he kept meaning to get around to hooking it up...) and then gave us a lesson on how to do everything.

And the outcome?

That TV is AWESOME! 65 inches of awesomeness!

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