Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'll bet you don't owe this...

I received a bill from the IRS a few days ago. I didn't open it until today. I simply put off opening it until my curiosity got the better of me.

Do I owe the IRS? Yes.

A lot? Yes sirree Bob.
Wanna take a guess how much?

I asked my sister in law that question. Her answer - "$5,000?"


Try this amount and tell me if you've ever known ANYONE to owe this amount.

How much was that again???????

Oh, relax... I have a long time to pay this off.

What is that? Two weeks? No sweat. I'll just hold a garage sale.

What steps should I take? You mean besides a very long walk off a short pier? Or several steps off of an 8 story balcony?

Uh, what was that figure again?

Gee, I just keep thinking that there's been a mistake made. Do ya think?

And if not? I guess I can always sell Rick's Valentine's Day present...


Julie said...

And I complained the year we owed $8600! Hanging my head in shame for feeling sorry for myself...

Anonymous said...

No sweat, it says proposed payment. Maybe you should propose some other amount.

ps. I always wanted to owe a cool million in taxes which would mean we had actually made enough to owe that much, but this hurts just looking at it.