Thursday, February 21, 2008

The missing report card

Me: Liz, where's your report card?

Liz: I told you. Mrs. Manley has it. She took them all home with her and then she got sick. She hasn't been back to school yet.

Me: Why did she take them all home with her?

Liz: I dunno. To work on them?

Me: I want to see your report card...

Liz: You can't. Not until Tuesday. And if we don't have them by then, there's a problem.

- huh? -

Me: Hello, Centennial High? I'm Elizabeth Kahle's mother and I'm hoping you can help me get a copy of her report card. It seems a teacher has gotten sick and apparently has all of the report cards at her house... not that I believe it for a minute... Uh, Ma'am, why are you laughing?

Lady at Centennial High: Mrs. Kahle? Your daughter's report card will be reprinted and you may pick it up later this afternoon.

* *

When I confronted Liz on this she said: Oh yeah, it's in my backpack. I guess I forgot to bring it home.

After I saw the failing mark in Chemistry and Sign Language (Sign Language? Come on, that's a fun class!) I knew why I had gotten a song and dance.

* *

Note to self... teach Liz to sing and dance better.

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