Sunday, February 24, 2008


Yes, I am obsessed with this show. I mean, network. I forget that it's not one continuous show about home decorating. I can sit glued to it for hours though, so it might as well be.

And regularly I rearrange my own living room and/or family room and/or bedroom (pick one, I've played with them all) trying to keep up with the folks on HGTV. I'm forever sitting on the edge of my seat trying to guess whether the buyers on the show are going to pick house #1, house #2 or the overpriced house #3. Yep, house #3 is always the most expensive one.

One of the programs that fascinates me on that network is the show where a representative of HGTV comes in and 'designs on a dime'... literally. The expert pulls furniture from one room and finds a better place for it in another room. And they always check the attic and miraculously find exactly what they need in there. I am especially amazed at how the home owners always manage to have full bolts of fabric up in their attics. Fabric that just happens to be the exact pattern that the designer needs, too.

Go figure. Obviously no one has ever looked in my attic. They won't be finding a bolt of fabric there. Last time I checked, there were several bug strips... loaded with dead bugs. One even held a trapped lizard.

I wonder what the HGTV designer could do with that...

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