Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rick's favorite day of the week

For Valentine's Day, I scored a dozen red roses, along with that $5.99 plush doggie holding a satiny red heart. Beautiful roses with a little box of chocolates attached, too.

However, as is nature's way, the roses were on their deathbed last night and since Monday is a very famous night in our house (trash collecting night) the roses made their way into our kitchen garbage pail. I wrapped them carefully in a plastic sack so the petals wouldn't grace our counters any more than they had to... and dumped said roses into the kitchen can.

Around 10:00, Rick discovered the heaping trash can and began to rant (also part of his Monday night ritual) about how I shouldn't fill the can up so high. I mean, how on earth could he ever carry all that trash out to the main can in the garage?

Oh get over it Rick.

So, I made the clever suggestion that he make two trips to the garage... (what a concept, considering the garage is NOT that far away from our kitchen. Heck, my father used to walk to school... in the snow... uphill both ways.) I also suggested that he could even leave the trash there for a little longer since I would probably be adding to it, as the night went on. And since I appeared to be the only one cleaning the kitchen... Yep, didn't see Elizabeth anywhere in sight.

Rick heard what he wanted to hear. Rick heard, "Leave it there, I'll be happy to take all the trash to the garage myself. You just sit down and relax." He heard me say that without me ever having to move my lips. (My next career will be as a ventriloquist, I guess.)

Fast forward to this morning. Trash day. The phone rings here at work and a ranting Rick is on the other end asking me why I didn't take the trash out last night and did I know that the trash trucks were on their way to our house and did I know that he had to race them out to the street himself and that he almost missed them?

No, Rick. Didn't know all that. Thank goodness you were there to remind me... over and over.

And Rick, did you notice that NOT ONCE did I say that I was going to do your job FOR you? While you sat upstairs watching your beautiful new 65 inch TV?

Thank goodness he made it with those cans to the curb this morning. Don't know what would've happened if he'd missed them. I might've had to smell those roses for an extra week instead of just listen to how I never do anything around the house for a week...

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