Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wind and me - a not so good combination

Carting around tons of special ed papers in the trunk of my car on a daily basis, you'd think I would've known better. You'd think so. But no, I just had to go and open my large trunk door (it's an SUV) as a gust of wind was attacking. And I had to stand there and watch while the wind had its way with my papers. It was not pretty.

Also not pretty was me, in my high-heeled boots, tight skirt and semi-professional blazer, chasing said papers down the street. I had to. Those are highly confidential papers. Highly. Why they have me store them in my car, I will never know...

I retrieved all but one page, but it wasn't for lack of trying. Nope. I ran my little heels off down that street, yelling to the paper... like I thought it was going to answer. Yeah, right. It would wait until I got almost up to it, just outside of grabbing reach and then it would take off again. Just like my dog, Midnight. She delights in doing that to me as well... every time she gets out. I think the special ed paper took lessons from Midnight.

And did I ever catch it? Nuh uh. But I sure put on quite a show for the neighboring houses. And yes, there probably were people standing at their windows and pointing. Probably something about the one boot that slipped down and the skirt that was trying to get over my head.

So, somewhere over Frisco floats a test score on a little special ed kid. If it makes it to CA, please send it back. I'll be needing it on Monday. I'll be needing some new boots, too. They didn't make it too well through the mud.

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