Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Election Day in Texas

No matter who you are voting for, Monte Tucker has gotten it right. He's a columnist in Oklahoma and in honor of the big day today, I wanted to post a few excerpts.

Come on already, first Tuesday in November! I have already had about all of the Presidential election I can stand. Surely, somewhere out there in this great nation is a "good ol' boy or gal," that is worth voting for. You know, someone that has actually done something, not just talked about what they think they have done. You see, both sides keep talking about time for change. Just what are they going to change? They obviously haven't changed the game of politics.

Billary and Bama Lama Ding Dong boost the word "change" every time I see the media put their face on my TV. McCain isn't immune from this either.

Let's talk "change." What in the world do these hot air compressors think they are going to change and why? From the way I see it from Sunny Point, Oklahoma, how are they going to change the greatest nation in the world? All of the candidates are demanding we must change! OK. I wake up a free man every morning and I'm free to do anything that is morally right or I can do nothing. If I choose to do something productive that day, well, I can whistle at my dog, start up my ol' tan feed truck that I bought with the help of a free enterprising bank I chose to use. With parts in it that other free Americans helped assemble. And as I turn the key, Ol' Tan fires up on diesel fuel that a big oil company conveniently made very accessible and affordable to me. I turn out of my land that I can freely own, onto a county maintained road that leads to any point in North America that I would choose to go to that day.

On Sunday morning (or any other day that ends in "y") my family is free to drive from our house on a ribbon of roads that lead to the church of our choice and worship the real owner of all things we know, God.

Why can't these hopefuls for the highest-ranking governmental seat see that it is just that simple? Billary, Bama Mama or McNobrain aren't going to change anything. The foundations of this great country can't be changed by one person, no matter how much they think they can.

When presidential candidates tout change, the only thing I see in this country that needs changing is them. Life in America is good and for those that don't think so, you're free to leave at any time, go to another country of your choice and try to change it.

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