Monday, March 3, 2008

Texas talk

I've learned a few new terms since living here in Good Ol' Boy Town, Texas. I've actually heard of some of these before, but not enough to help me understand what they truly mean.

Blustery - well, just look outside. Or try to take a walk today.

Snow - Romantic white stuff that makes Christmas's warm and white. Well, not so warm, weather wise. Just family wise. Let me end this myth though. It ain't romantic either. It's just plain cold. And we are supposed to see some tonight.

Bless your heart - My mom always used this term. I thought it meant that she really liked me. I now know that it means you can say anything negative you want about someone as long as you follow it with 'Bless your heart.' ie. Poor Dear. Her baby is just about the ugliest little guy I've ever seen, bless his heart.

School zone - if they have these in California, I've never noticed... or blown right through them. Here you can get a ticket for going over 20 mph in one. You really can. I speak from experience.

Freezing - 32 degrees. It routinely gets to that point. I had never been in freezing weather before. I never want to be again. It be cold at that temperature.

Viaduct - same thing as an overpass. Why can't they just call it an overpass? It does pass over, you know.

Disney World - Better than Disneyland. Just ask any Texan. Although most have never even been to Disneyland. They don't really know what they're missing, either.

Media room - that silly thing that I now own in my house. It houses awesome TVs, too. Awesome 65 inch TVs. Also known as Rick's bedroom.

Patio - something that appears to be nonexistant in our neighborhood. In our city. People just don't have them. We are now designing one. How Californian of us to want to sit outside and not get rained, sunned, snowed on.

Lord, have mercy on my soul - said daily, at my job. Both of them. By everyone. People pray a lot here. Or else their jobs are just really awful. My mother said it all the time, but she was from Texas. She also had me as a daughter.

Super WalMart or Super Target - we have both here. In fact, we have two of each. They are bigger and better than the ones in San Dimas. I could live in there and not come out for a year.

Chicken Fried Steak - Rick almost won't eat anything else. Even the KFC here sells Chicken Fried Steaks on Wednesdays. For $1.99. McDonald's sells them on Mondays.

Yep, Texas living at its best. Once I get all the lingo down, I'll be doing just fine.

Now if I could just find a good pizza. The one thing Texas isn't good at.

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