Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Typical Kahle vacation

We're heading down to Austin tomorrow... and we took care of all of our business early so we could go. You know, blood tests for Rick, IRS visits for me...

I've been told what restaurants to eat at, what places have the best shopping... and to be sure to watch the bats come out at sunset in mass, going bug hunting. Sure, my kinda entertainment.

And in case you haven't checked 4,000 times in the last hour like I have, it's supposed to rain for the next five days in Austin. Did you know this? Because I have it imprinted on my mushy brain, as well as the fact that any city that is usually sunny and within driving distance of our house has a forecast of rain and gloom and awfulness for the entire time we plan to be on vacation.

Austin is no different. I hope the bats are carrying umbrellas.

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