Wednesday, April 2, 2008

13 days away

As the big day approaches - rapidly - I took the entire evening off to try to finish up my taxes. And while I worked, I decided that I wouldn't even turn on my computer to check my email or update my blog. Nope, that would only distract me.

But, I did anyway. And I'm only going to say a little something tonight. Yet, it's something very big and very important.

Got this email from my friend Nancy in California:

"I had a CT scan on Monday and got the results today. The new medicine is working and everything is stable. Main tumor is not growing anymore. Thank you God!"

For those of you who know the fight Nancy has had to fight, you'll know that this is great news. Those of you who don't know Nancy, well, I promise to fill you in shortly. I just wanted to publish this email quickly... even though my taxes told me to do otherwise.

So, back to my taxes. I think I'll have them done by the 15th! Of May.


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