Tuesday, April 29, 2008

chained to something porcelain

What could be worse than having back pain for sixteen days? For two weeks and two days? Anything?

Oh yes. To have back pain and food poisoning. Life doesn't get much better. Unless your dog has it, too.

The dog was up all night. I know this because there are remnants of her antics all over the house. Stanley Steemer will be here tomorrow.

And how did the dog and I come to share this very private moment? I shared my Mandarin Chicken with her last night. I'm coming around now but the dog was rushed to the vet at 4:00 this afternoon. She came home with very expensive medicines that she will not take for nothing. She also came home with a receipt for a bill for $305.28.

This is Midnight. She wants to kill me. She would, too, if she had the strength.

This is our carpet. I won't share the ugly spots with you... but there are a lot of these all over the place.

You don't even want to know what's underneath.

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