Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In case you were wondering...

there are five blades on my ceiling fan. Five dusty blades.

But having returned to the doctor today for my ER follow up, I will have to find something else to look at and count. You see, that sciatic nerve problem has really turned out to be a herniated disk. So, I'll be flat on my back for five more days, only able to return to work on Monday.

Normally I'd love that... if I felt better.

Hey, I know... I'll count the meals that Rick has brought me. I can count that high. Today's fare was the #1 from the local Steak and Shake - which happens to be Rick's favorite. Not mine. But he was so proud of himself for getting it. Later in the day I was treated to another of Rick's favorites - Dickey's BBQ. Too bad I can't stand Dickey's. Or BBQ. But Rick had a smile on his face as he devoured the #5 combo.

Rick thinks I'm ungrateful. I guess I am. But when all you've got to look forward to during the day is your meals... well, one can only hope that they will be spectacular.

And since I'm now being put on steroids, my appetite is bound to increase. That seems to happen when you are on steroids. Great. Nothing to eat around here and that's all I'm going to want to do. Maybe I could chew on the dust bunnies on my ceiling fan.

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