Monday, April 14, 2008

Still flat

I've now spent two full days lying flat on my back. One more to go. Can I even begin to tell you how much I hate this?

And my caregivers? Not so great... I had one meal that Liz brought me from McDonald's... Rick was too busy and besides it was his day to volunteer at the local food pantry... and you know, you've got to have your priorities straight. I'm desperately hoping to see another meal come my way sometime soon. Not holding my breath though.

And TV stinks. And I keep knocking the remote on the floor so I'm helpless to even change a channel. I sure hope I don't have to miss "The Bachelor." Life won't even be worth living without that show.

It's been hours since anyone has even come to check on me. Perhaps I'll just lie here for the rest of my life, staring at the ceiling. Perhaps Rick will come looking for me when he gets hungry. I'm sure he's already forgotten about his crummy day yesterday. He's certainly forgotten all about mine.

Life is exciting though... wanna know how many blades there are on my ceiling fan?

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