Monday, April 14, 2008

My fondest dream!

When I was younger, I always had one wish... one very special wish. And yesterday, my fondest dream came true!

$495.00, $495.00, $495.00 $495.00!!! $495.00!!!!!!

That's what went through my head the entire time I was "enjoying" my fondest dream. You see, I've always wanted to ride in an ambulance. Not just ride in one, but also to be well enough to sit up, look out the windows and wave to everyone that might be wondering what was going on inside.

Well, I was certainly well enough to enjoy the BUMPY ride but my mind could only wrap itself around how much it was all costing. $495.00. I have enough experience paying for all of Rick's little trips to know just how it would affect my wallet. That, plus they wouldn't let me sit up. Not that I could anyway.

Remember our media room? With the awesome 65 inch TV in it? Well, Saturday was the designated day to finish it all up. All of the furniture had arrived and we had three young friends of Elizabeth's helping us to get it all upstairs. Needless to say, I should have left my part in all this to their younger, capable hands.

Saturday night, the room looked great. Sunday morning at 5:05 AM I was not looking so great. My back was out.

Having had this happen (back pain) before, I loaded myself up on Motrin and Advil. But by 4:00 pm, there was just no relief. And since there were no doctors available and no 'urgent cares' open, we decided that I needed to get to the hospital. And not being able to walk to Rick's car for the little jaunt to the ER, I knew that my fondest dream was about to be realized. My first trip by ambulance! Whee!

Before calling the five gorgeous firemen though, I pulled a typical Kris. "Quick! Clean the house! Help me get dressed! Comb my hair! Vaccuum! Do I have time for a shower?" And I actually did as much of that as I could. I was certainly dressed a heck of a lot better than I had been when the day started out. I was no longer in the ripped T shirt I'd gone to sleep in, I now had on my new, cute blue sweatsuit and brand new Nikes. Yep, no firemen were going to see me indisposed! And then and only then was the call to 911 made.

But once in the ambulance did I get to sit up and wave? Nope. But I did crane my neck to look out all the windows and see what I could see though. And I had the cute man to my right tell me our exact location at each turn.

And the outcome? I injured my Sciatica. As near as I can figure, it happened when I decided the 65 inch TV needed to move 3 feet to the right to be centered with the ceiling fan. And I decided to help. Yep, I hire three strong guys to do it and then I decide that I want to play, too. Dumb me!

More on the lovely hospital stay later... but I do have to tell you Rick's loving, doting quote about the whole day:

"Boy what a crummy day I've had."
"Oh, I'm so sorry Rick. I sure have enjoyed my day. Perhaps you'd like to switch places with me."

And then off Rick went to watch TV.

I'm off work for the next two days... which normally I would love. If only I could move. I'm flat on my back. Which reminds me, the lightbulb in the ceiling fan needs to be changed. I'll get to it shortly. Just as soon as I can move.

And was it all worth $495.00? Sure. At least now I can say I've done it!

- Jamie, my heart goes out to you. I never knew that back pain could wreck so many plans.

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