Tuesday, April 8, 2008


With her blessings, I wanted to tell you a little bit about who Nancy is...

I've known her since we were what? 18? We were in college, tossed together in the same sorority and even assigned to each other as 'little and big sisters.' I didn't know her very well and she was definitely more worldly than I was, but I tried to be a good 'big sister.'

Of that union, a friendship was born and years later (at age 33!) we were each other's maids of honor in our weddings.

That explains the devastation I felt when Nancy went to the doctor for some routine tests and came out with cancer. Not just any cancer, either... nooo. Lung, lymph node and brain cancer! How on earth could that be? She wasn't even a smoker.

This all happened around November of 2006, as Nancy was already going through some trials with her son and her marriage. Both of those, compiled with the news she had just gotten about her health, were more than I could've taken. More than anyone should have to take.

But Nancy pushed on. She endured all the medicines, treatments, chemos, hair loss, weight loss, etc. And we all watched Nancy go from a physically ailing, hurting, painfully thin young woman... who faced quite a bleak future... to what we see today.

Nancy's cough is gone and I believe most of her pain is, too. She is currently undergoing another round of chemo... but is having the best of reactions... and yes, there have been many with not so pretty reactions. Nancy looks great and more importantly, feels great.

Her latest news:
"I had a CT scan on Monday and got the results today. The new medicine is working and everything is stable. Main tumor is not growing anymore. Thank you, God!"


Where this cancer came from, no one knows. We do know that Nancy's belief in God and the power of prayer are what are going to get us all through this. Especially Nancy.

And me? I don't have to worry anymore about losing my Master Mind partner anymore. Uh, that's the sophisticated game Nancy and I play through email everyday.

Email is a good thing, too. It was a lot tougher to play when we only had telephones.

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