Tuesday, June 24, 2008

24 hours to go

We are now one day away from boarding the shuttle that'll take us to DFW, that'll put us on the plane to Maui.

I have carefully planned every detail of this trip, booked all the flights, the car rental at the Maui airport, bought sandwiches for the plane ride, bought magazines to read, reserved a spot at the shelter for both pets, garnered a neighbor to water our plants, bought a new swimsuit, stopped the paper and stopped the mail.

I even switched our hotel (just in time) from the one with the bungalow on the beach to the high rise next door, at the request of Rick and Elizabeth.

I booked the flight from Maui to Honolulu and reserved a car at that airport as well.

I refilled all of Rick's meds, paid all the bills, cleaned out the refrigerator and got three people packed.

My family truly realizes all that I've done for them. In fact, Rick's endearing comment to me this morning was, "How come you picked Maui? I like Kauai better. Can't you see if we can switch over to Kauai?"

For the next 15 days you can visit Rick at Plano Presbyterian Hospital, room 501. I hope that head injury heals quickly.

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