Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gettin' ready

Because I am SO white and because I am going to Hawaii to get SO tan... and not wanting to burn on my first day out...

I decided to lay out by our community pool today. I donned my suit (yes, it was a might tight) and headed to the pool... and laid out for a whole ten minutes, each side. And since that didn't seem like it would do any good, I gave each side an extra five minutes.

And because I lead such an exciting life... I sat here all day and waited to see the results.

And there weren't any. I guess I should have given each side a half hour.

And then... before I knew it, I had to take back those words. Who knew that ten minutes could turn this awfully white girl RED???? I mean, I know it's difficult for me to tan... but HEY! THIS HURTS!

Yeah, I lead an exciting life. The life of a beached whale, now sporting a little color on her pale Shamu body. But you know, I can't wait to repeat the process tomorrow morning. In two days, when I leave for Hawaii, I plan to be a gorgeous golden brown.

Hey, it could happen.

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