Friday, June 20, 2008

I lead a boring life

The dishwasher finally got installed. The dishes that have been stacked up on our kitchen table are no longer there. Our kitchen is beginning to look semi-normal. And I'm sitting here listening to the hum of our new dishwasher. What a nice sound. Nice only in that I haven't heard that sound in over three (or is it four?) weeks.

But I put those dishes into the dishwasher an hour and a half ago. Maybe even two hours ago. What the heck? Don't dishes wash a little faster than that?

I'm anxious to see if my dishes got clean. I don't have a life so I have to know! if my dishes are foodless now. I just have to know. WHEN WILL I KNOW?

Aah, life is funny. Sitting here waiting for dishes to get washed. Life couldn't get much better.

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