Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Curves Crazy

Good news! My physical therapist has cleared me to return to Curves. I'm not released from physical therapy yet but I can begin to work out again at Curves, SLOWLY.

I announced this wonderful fact to my daughter, who just happened to be upstairs watching a Curves video - which is part of her work training. Liz, a "circuit coach," which she will be only too happy to remind you of, suddenly calls down, "Mom!! This is so you!" She was referring to the way I worked out on a certain machine at Curves. She was also referring to how I did it all wrong.

I love that kid. You can always rely on her to tell it the way it is. To tell me how it is.

Just wait'll I get back to Curves... I'll be making her life miserable. I wonder what wonderful tales I could tell on her. Do you think anyone there would be interested in how she just managed to fail US History at school? AND asked me for a car right after?

Oh revenge is sweet.

But I have to be careful. She works at Curves. And she knows how much I weigh.

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