Monday, June 16, 2008


Or however you say "yee haw" in Brazil.

For over a year, I've been dying to try one of two Brazillian steakhouses that I've been hearing about in Dallas. I've never heard of this type of restaurant before, certainly never been to one... but both come highly recommended for a great night out on the town. However both are pretty far from me. They are equal in distance from me, here in Frisco... as Whittier is to LA. Just far enough away that if given another option, I'll pick the other option.

What are they? Steakhouses. But not your average steakhouse. Apparently you are given a coaster... that says YES on one side and NO on the other. And waiters, known as "gauchos" walk around and look for your coaster to be flipped to the YES side and then they'll stop and deliver meat to you. All kinds of meat. Lamb, steak, filet mignon, even sausage. You name it.

Meat and more meat? Unstoppable meat? This restaurant definitely has my name on it. All over it.

But I can't get my family interested. Nope. Too far. And too weird.

Well, Liz was out of town this past weekend on a church trip and Rick and I headed out to dinner on Friday night. On FRIDAY NIGHT? What? Are we crazy? Like we could get in anywhere on a Friday night. But we were out and decided to brave the crowds. We found a Thai restaurant that had just opened and we parked and headed in. However, something caught Rick's and my eye just about that time. Yep... it was a steakhouse. A new steakhouse. A Brazillian steakhouse.

It didn't register with me yet, though, that this was THAT kind of restaurant. Nope, I was just thinking that it was a regular old steakhouse (which are a dime a dozen here in Texas) with maybe a Brazillian flair. And in we went.

Nope! It was a real Brazillian Steakhouse! With no wait and no lines... yet. And real, live gauchos walking around with all kinds of meat, ready to deposit on my plate whenever I so said! And I so said, a lot!

It was fun. I'll bet the gauchos logged twenty miles walking back and forth by my table. Yep, I tried them all... save for that jalapeno thingy wrapped in bacon. I could live without that. I was already going to have to roll myself to the car anyway.

Now my thirst for this restaurant has been squelched... and I'm glad we found this restaurant on a whim. Probably won't be going back though... We forgot to check the price of each meal before we sat down. Kind of a good thing to do before dining. And we didn't. So, if there's a next time I'll have to mortgage my house first.

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