Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wrong tire... wrong car

Having just taken Elizabeth's car in to Sears FOR THE THIRD TIME for a flat tire, I was amused to see Rick show some interest this time. I've been the one to take the car to Sears both of the previous two times that Elizabeth managed to run over a screw, a staple and who knows what for this third time.

Today I drove "Eddie" first to Texaco to put a little air in the dead tire (enough to get me to the shop,) then on to Sears to have the flat fixed YET AGAIN!

Since there was going to be a one hour wait for the tire to get fixed, Rick and I went to TGI Fridays next door for lunch... and waited.

Right on schedule (good ol' Sears... they still have a shred of customer service left in them) the flat was fixed and as we came out of TGI Friday's, we could see Eddie waiting in the parking lot for us.

But Rick had his doubts that the tire was actually fixed. He's never really liked Sears, I guess. Never mind that Sears is responsible for bringing the two of us together. His younger sister and I worked at a Sears many years ago... thus creating a friendship that would turn us into sisters in law. Oh wait... maybe that's why he doesn't like Sears.

So, I go into Sears' Auto Center... pick up Eddie's key... and proceed to the car to drive it home. That's when I noticed Rick... standing beside MY car... studying the tire.

"They did a good job. I don't even see where the tire was patched."

Oy vey.

Rick, I know both cars are green... but did it ever occur to you that MY CAR WASN'T THE ONE IN THE SHOP??????

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Anonymous said...

That is TOO FUNNY!.....altho..sounds like something I would do?