Friday, June 13, 2008

I remember customer service...

It arrived!

The knock on the door at 10:00 am yesterday told me that A) I had to get up now and B) I would no longer have to handwash all my dishes!

Unfortunately, it also mean't that it wasn't the dishwasher delivery man. It was only a neighbor.

So, I sat home from 10:00 to 2:00 (and beyond) waiting for that dishwasher to be delivered. I did. I sat there. And then 2:00 came and went, just like 10:00 came and went. Gone. So was my patience. So much for that "window" of opportunity.

Three different times I called the dishwasher people, to find out where the guys were. Three different times I was met with a robot voice and a code that I just couldn't crack. I guess this saves the company money. Hiring a robot.

I now know (although I've suspected for quite some time) that customer service just no longer exists in America. Probably not anywhere. Companies now hire folks to do their caring for them. They just don't care if they get my return business. They've hired someone else to care.

Finally, at 5:oo, the delivery man showed up. With a dishwasher. In a box. And was I happy? I would have been if I'd seen a tool in his hand. Any tool.

Here's the dishwasher I ordered. And yes, it was delivered... Never mind that it wasn't on time. The Whirlpool men didn't care. They don't get paid to care.

The dog cared though. She noticed that something new was in her kitchen.

Whirlpool's exemplary customer service also includes this:

Free delivery to anywhere in your kitchen. Except where you want it. Oh, the dog has also noticed that this monstrosity is infringing on her turf. She's never seen a dishwasher in this spot before... She gets paid to care. In the way of hot dogs.

Here's where the nice delivery man would've put my new dishwasher if only there wasn't an old, non-functioning machine there already.

I think I would like the new machine better in this spot.

And yep, that's the old one. It's still there. And the real nice Whirlpool man had NO intention of moving it out of that spot. Or moving it anywhere. He did not care.

And... it wasn't his job to install the new one. And it certainly wasn't his job to haul away the old one.

I suppose I expected too much when I thought that customer service still existed.

Here is where our brand new dishwasher sits now.

Right next to the island. Rick thinks it makes a nice cup holder. And parties in our kitchen will be especially nice... We have some extra counter space now.

Customer service. It's been outsourced. Obviously. As soon as companies in America figured out that they could hire outside folks to do their 'caring' for them, well, you can no longer find anyone to... care.

And Patty? Don't send me your dirty dishes just yet... They won't get very clean.

But who cares?

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