Thursday, June 19, 2008

Found a peanut, found a peanut

For Father's Day, I took Rick to a new restaurant in town called "The Texas Roadhouse." He'd been wanting to try it and Father's Day was the perfect day.

Once seated, the manager heard Rick tell our waitress that we'd never been here before. It was our first time. And then as an act of good will, the manager brought over a brown bag full of roasted peanuts for Rick, coupled with a card for a free appetizer on our next visit. Yee haw!

Two days later, in the midst of all of Rick's medical troubles, he and I had to visit a little medical supply store near our house to pick up some sterile urine bottles for... well, you know what for. Yep, he had to make a deposit and then a delivery early in the morning. And this store had what he needed.

The lady in the medical supply store wrapped up Rick's five bottles (I have no idea why Rick wanted five...) and placed them in a brown paper sack. And home we went.

Later in the day, Rick, looking for a snack, remembered he had some peanuts. And he found the brown bag from our travels earlier in the day. And Rick, ever the gentleman, offered me some peanuts first.

"Wasn't that nice of that man to give us some peanuts? Here. Want one?"

Oh thanks Rick. A urine bottle. Just what I've always wanted.

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