Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hawaii or bust

It was touch and go there for awhile, but it looks as though we just may make it to Hawaii after all.

We've been planning this trip for 8 months (I've been planning the trip for over 5 years) and I'm determined that it not get interrupted this time.

You see, I turned 50 this year. And ever since Rick turned 50 (5 years ago) I made him promise that I could spend my big day in the 50th state. But that didn't happen. I had gotten a new job and I figured they'd frown on me taking some vacation time just 4 weeks after I started. So, we postponed the trip to this summer... and while I am still 50.

All the plans were laid, the trip was paid for and we even bought new suitcases for the jaunt.

And then... Rick goes and develops a strange swelling in his right leg. The leg that has already had a hip replacement and knee replacement. And now this.

What happened was... we took Elizabeth out for Japanese food on her birthday. Japanese food is wonderful, but loaded with soy sauce. Rick's food was no different. He loves the fried rice and fried rice is SOAKED in soy sauce. Pure sodium.

The next day, Rick's ankle ballooned up. I didn't worry, though. I said, "just elevate it and drink lots of water." No big deal. However, Rick panicked and made a dr. appt. for the next day, hoping to get some PT for his ailing ankle. The dr. agreed with Rick, that he could have some PT sessions with a specialist who can massage water out of swollen ankles... and Rick went happily.

However, Rick's favorite "lymphedema" specialist was no longer available. Instead he got Helga. Or Olga. Or Brunhilda. Either way, she worked his ankle like there was no tomorrow.

The day after that, his ankle was as purple as could be. And painful. And even more swollen than you can imagine.

Helga didn't work magic, Helga broke a lot of blood vessels. Helga did some damage.

Two MRI's later (to see if there was a blood clot) and two more dr. visits, a lot of pain, a consultation with a surgeon and an antibiotic, Rick's ankle began to "unswell." One more appt. to go, tomorrow morning. And the decision will be made then.

It's been a long road, a tough road and a scary one... but heck, I am now beginning to see myself in a hula skirt after all. I sure hope it'll go all the way around me.

But who cares? I'll forget all about our little medical adventure just as soon as I'm sitting on the beach. Sipping Blue Hawaiis. And dreaming about Don Ho.

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