Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Guess who called?

Then again... some people do run after me with job propositions.

Uh, guess what happened? And you'll never believe it, so I might as well tell y'all.

Clint. Remember Clint? He WAS my boss at the two hotels that I worked at. My former boss. And I insist that he remain my former boss.

He now resides in Waco (three hours away) and is the General Manager of the Extended Stay Hotel there. Not just the Hotel Manager, like he was when I worked for him... He's the big guy now.

And yes, he called. And yes, he asked me that all important question. And yes, I am flattered. It's not exactly like he chased me into the parking lot... but I'm still flattered.

However, I found my inner strength and I actually said 'no.' And I said it very nice and sweetly... NO!!! I WILL NOT WORK AT YOUR STINKIN' HOTEL!!!! Yeah, that's how I said it.

You know something? I HATED working there. I HATE the hotel industry. And I now have trouble staying in ANY hotel after that whole experience.

It felt good to say 'no.' It feels even better to know that he's three hours away... and can't come after me for saying no.

Hey, maybe I should chase him into the parking lot!


Note to self: STAY STRONG! (I just noticed another text from my FORMER boss!)

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