Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh, Rick

Rick? Why is my windshield all oily?

Oh, I changed your wiper fluid and it takes a little while to work itself in.

Huh? I've never heard of that.

Your fluid was empty and I refilled it. That's all.

Uh, what did you use?


Coolant? Coolant. COOLANT?? Can I see the bottle?

* - pause - *

Rick! It says ANTIFREEZE.

Yeah, but it also says Coolant. See?

Either way, Rick, it's WRONG!! That's the stuff for your radiator!

And your windshield. It does both. Honest.

$90.19 later, I had my windshield hoses drained, flushed and refilled... with the correct stuff. At Goodyear. My car no longer squirts radiator fluid onto my windshield.

I wonder why those men were laughing when I drove away...

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Anonymous said...

all I can say poor thing