Thursday, June 5, 2008

No more pencils...


No more books...

No more teacher's dirty looks.

Yee Haw! School's out for summer!

Now I can finally set my mind to my Hawaiian vacation coming up...

Uh, this is NOT the hotel we'll be staying at... but I sure do like to pretend that it is.

This one isn't either. But I like to imagine that I'll be driving that little golf cart around. It's so serene just looking at this little cart.

You think this guy'll be there?

You know what? Texans (my coworkers) are shocked that I am going to Hawaii for part of the summer. In fact, I haven't found any (or at least not many) that have ever ventured there. At first I didn't get it... until I realized that we're about a million more miles away from Hawaii than we used to be. No wonder no one goes there. It's like going to Mars from here.
Well, Aloha anyway. Aloha from Mars.

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