Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rick's new best friend

For some reason, people just gravitate towards Rick. Perhaps because he's a talker? Perhaps because he is always starting conversations with strangers? Perhaps both.

Today his new best friend was the manager at the IHOP near my work. Rick met me there for lunch but I didn't get to talk to him much. His new best friend hogged the conversation. All Rick did was mention that a merger was going to happen between Applebees and IHOP. The manager just happened to be walking by and thought she could add her two cents...

For the next 25 minutes I learned that the Frisco IHOP is a "test store" and that everything on the menu that is highlighted in yellow is a new item. Then... and I kid you not... the manager opened a menu and read us everything on the menu that was highlighted in yellow. Not just read it... but went into detail about it.

Can you eat when a manager is standing beside you reading to you? Nope. So I watched my food get cold. Eventually I could take no more of it and excused myself to go back to my job.

When I got home tonight, Rick had a surprise for me in the refrigerator. Butterscotch pancakes. They were a gift from... the manager. Either she liked Rick an awful lot... or she could read the boredom on my face and wanted to make it up to me. Personally I think she just liked Rick.

Or... she knew he could be bought. Cheap.

And the pancakes? I'll never know how they were. Elizabeth got to them first. She can be bought, too.

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