Monday, July 21, 2008

Blonde joke

Sitting behind my daughter at church this morning, I noticed a few things about her.

A) She doesn't pay attention.
B) She talks to her friends.
C) She wears nice clothes.
D) She KNOWS she wears nice clothes (she kept admiring them.)
E) She texted her friends a lot.
D) She sang off key. But hey, at least she sang.

Somewhere during the sermon, my daughter turned around to talk to someone behind her. Or beside her. Either way, I caught a full glimpse of her... and I suddenly realized, I hadn't been sitting behind my daughter at all. Sure did look like my daughter...

That's when I noticed that the BLONDE girl sitting a few kids away from the child I thought was my daughter... was actually my daughter!!


Oh, yeah, right. She bought hair color when she got home from Hawaii... while Rick and I were still in Honolulu. And apparently she'd found time to apply it somewhere during the night.

Here I am trying to get AWAY from blondeness and my child has found it. My child is now a blonde!

Oh wait, it all makes sense now.

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