Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Seventeen year olds

My friend Lori has a teenaged daughter exactly the same age as Elizabeth. Well, almost exactly. Lori went and had Krista on Elizabeth's due date and I think, vice versa. Either way, they're both 17.

One's a workaholic and one's normal. Guess which one isn't normal. Yep, mine. The workaholic.

Anyway, this is an excerpt from an email I got from Lori... about her normal teenaged daughter! Lori writes with such candor.

I mentioned today that there is a brand new Me N Eds Pizzeria opening up JUST DOWN THE STREET and they had a sign up that said NOW HIRING!

I told Krista and her response was... a quizical stare and ... "Me N Eds?... where?... (more quizical staring)... what corner?... by which Walgreens?"

I could nearly read her mind... "what me? toss pizzas and clean tables? I think not!"

I threw in an encouraging... "Free cheese pizza!!!!" and her response was "You know I hate Me N Eds pizza" and that was the end of the discussion. (Please watch as I bang my head against the wall several hundred times).

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Once again....I'm famous...