Saturday, July 12, 2008

Here's something fun to do...

I called American Airlines to confirm our seats for the flight tomorrow - and request the bulkhead for Rick. His knee doesn't bend so good so he prefers the bulkhead so he can stretch out his leg.

Of course, I only got the robot voice. But the robot was very friendly.

First up, the robot wanted to know our flight number.

"Was that 320?"
"Okay, 320. And your name?"
"Okay, Cameron, party of four."

By then I was screaming "Agent! Get me an agent!" at the robot. She said:

"I understand you want an agent, but let me get some more information from you first. What is your departure city?"

"Okay, Hattiesburg. And the arrival city?"
What the heck, I'll go along with this....
"Dallas/Fort Worth."
"Denver. Is that right?"
"And what time is the flight?"
"7 AM."
"Let me see if I got that right. You want to cancel flight number 320 at 7:52 from Hattiesburg to Denver tomorrow, Sunday, for the Cameron party for four people. Is this correct?"

Yeah, why not. Let's see if the Cameron's can have as much fun reinstating their reservation as I just did cancelling it.

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