Friday, July 11, 2008

Is it time to come home, yet?

I fear it is. Our luck seems to have changed.

Besides a broken tooth, three bouts of nausea and a rental car that quit on us... today I managed to drop my cell phone into my diet coke.

Did it work again? Nope. Oh, it worked, but in a weird, funky way. My cell phone suddenly came to life and called absolutely everyone in my phone book. And then texted them. And then had seizures. And then burped. I guess that was the diet coke talking.

If you got a call from me today (and probably several times over) I apologize. I just stood there staring at the phone and then beating on it to get it to stop calling people... and I couldn't for the life of me get it to turn off.

It's calmed down now, but not before it called Rick's Lupus doctor in California... who hasn't heard from us in over two years. I wonder if panic went through his heart when he saw who it was from...

Our fun adventure tonight? To the Verizon store.

But I don't mind. I've been wanting a new phone. I've seen some that have TV on them. Cool!

Oh wait, Rick'll think it's his.

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