Friday, August 29, 2008

School Days

Brand new school, brand new office... and me, working all alone in it.

9:43 a.m. - Friday

I don't even know where the bathrooms are yet.

And wouldn't you just know there'd be a fire drill.

The sirens sound, the kids all scream and I'm left alone to figure out what to do. I could hide... but what if it were a real fire. I'd be hiding in the flames. And no one would have a clue I was there. I could join the little kids... but that didn't seem like a whole lotta fun. I joined them anyway.

Grabbed my purse, grabbed my keys (don't know why), turned out the lights and shut my door. I walked calmly behind some chatty second graders. I felt like quieting them because they were making me nervous. So, I did. A lot. Yeah, I'd make a great teacher.

We all headed outside. But it took forever to get there. This school is built on levels. Beautiful school but it sure isn't easy to maneuver around.

We went down some stairs, up some others and down some more. I had no clue where I was going... so I followed the kids. And suddenly we were outside. Outside is nice.

When the 'all clear' came, no one told me where to go. And I'd lost my second graders that I was following. When there's 500 students on a playground, uh, they all look alike. So, I headed back in. And walked. And walked.

I found some stairs. I walked up them. I walked down some others. I had no idea where my office was. I wasn't even sure what school I was in.

So, I wandered. I'm still wandering. If anyone see me, please point me toward home.

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