Monday, September 8, 2008

English 101

Yesterday Elizabeth and I were touring some homes in Frisco and neighboring Plano, with the intention of finding something to buy and then rent out. Yep, I want to be a landlord. And yes, I have no idea what I'm getting myself into. But anyway...

Drove by one townhouse that was for sale and saw the flyer box filled with flyers, just waiting for me to take one. So I did. And what do you know? This house offered everything I've been looking for! Huge master bath with extra deep tubes and a double sinks.

Who the heck wrote this description???

Extra deep tubes? A double sinks?

Oh well, at least they had a dinning room. To din in?

This all brings to mind a store that I used to drive by in Whittier... "Shoe on sale." Only one. I guess the other shoe was full price.

While shopping with my friend Sharon a while back, and while in a little dress shop with her, she suddenly tapped me on the shoulder laughing. "Look at that door. It says 'employee only'." And we were amazed that that store only had one employee and that one employee couldn't find the door without being instructed where to go...

Sharon and I are in competition for who can find the most grammatical errors in public. For people to read. And make fun of.

Sharon won. She recently sent me a note saying that she just drove by a store that was closed. The owners were going on vacation until September 31st.

These people walk among us.

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