Saturday, September 6, 2008

Not as easy as I thought...

Stayed up late last night, got up early this morning... all in the name of selling my mom's and brother's items at an estate sale.

Did I think we'd have any customers? No.
Was I wrong? Yes.

We had plenty. And I watched my mom's items fly away. And it was not easy. I thought I was ready to see everything go. I was tired of looking at it all. And no, most of it was not my taste.

I hate - absolutely hate - Franciscan apple dishes. I grew up with these, back when one set of dishes was all folks had. And these were those, in my house.

Did the Franciscan apple dishes sell? Yep. First thing. And I was sad. I can never get them back.

But as a consolation, once I realized that I was having trouble letting things go... I began to pull things off the inventory. Yes, I shopped at my own sale. I am now the proud owner of a green, glass candy dish from the 1940s... a wedding gift of my mother's. I also own an oriental ceramic pitcher that I do not need.

A few pictures of things that will continue to be on the inventory to sell....

I grew up looking at these old, old pictures of houses on my parent's family room wall. I can't believe they hung on the wall for the entire 48 years that my parent's owned the house.

Capodimonte. This adorned my mother's coffee table.

I'm happy these plates didn't sell. I have a feeling that they will remain in my house. They are suddenly very pretty...

Oops. She's not for sale.
But should be.

How cute is this? Laurel and Hardy... as Shriners in the movie 'Sons of the Desert.' Not sure of what the significance is though. Just that Laurel and Hardy were in that movie? Or that the Shriners use that phrase? Probably.

The sale ended around noon when I decided I was hungry and wanted to go out to lunch. That's a good enough reason to box everything back up and keep it, right?

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