Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Well, the Kahles have just completed 19 years together. Nine. Teen. My, that's a long time.

And how did we celebrate? Well, it wasn't our 20th, so we kept it simple. We only went out to dinner. And since it was unremarkable... which in our case is a GOOD thing... I'll repeat the blog entry that I posted back when we were celebrating our 17th. And thank goodness our 19th was unremarkable!

17 years of wedded bliss...

We had a big weekend planned, too. There is really no place to go in Texas (like a San Diego or a Palm Springs) so we planned a fabulous weekend in Oklahoma - at a casino just north of the border. We sent Elizabeth to visit Rick's sister so we could really live it up, sans child.

Saturday morning arrives and we dropped Liz at her cousin Michael's little league game. Got a little involved in the game ourselves and spent an hour sitting on a cold, hard, hard, metal bench. An hour later I knew I was in trouble. I couldn't move. My back did not like the bench. A drive to Oklahoma was not going to work.

So, we headed home. Happy Anniversary!! But we wanted to salvage the weekend so we tried to go to the mall to see a movie. Nope. My back was not going to sit still for a movie, either. Darn. Dinner we managed to get to... but the room they put us in (a banquet room with a rowdy group of ball players who'd just won the world series or something) did not allow for any romance. We couldn't get out of there fast enough!

My back dictated that we head home after that. Which we did. Oh, first we made a grand stop at Target to buy a heating pad. That was fun. Anyway, we got me into bed, heating pad in tow and Rick turned on his favorite video... "The Kahle's Wedding" from 17 years ago. That's been a favorite past time of his for quite some time. Nice tradition, but frankly I've seen it and I know how it comes out. I watched it though because I didn't want to spoil the ending for him.

(You have to bear in mind that when Rick was sick 9 years ago, his therapy was to watch this video and relearn who everyone was. I think I saw it just a few too many times back then!)

So, there we are... a cripple on a heating pad and Rick... glued to the wedding video. The Kahles sure know how to do things right! 17 years of wedded bliss and this is what it's come to... a heating pad. Geesh, I wonder what year 34 will bring.

Fast forward to this year...

Randy's steakhouse. No back pain. But a heck of a hard time getting the waiter to get our order right. Not so romantic. Perhaps year 20 will be kind to us? However I'll take year 19 over year 17 anytime!

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