Friday, September 12, 2008


And speaking of restaurants... here's an unbelieveable tale.

We decided to eat out at a local Bennigans. The restaurant was not very busy so we were seated in a quiet section.

Our waiter? A young, skinny, young, goofy guy who must've been new. Brand new. Too new. When he came to take our order, he decided to give us his opinion of everything.

Should we try the honey glazed chicken? No. That one was too sweet for him. And he told us not to order the chicken and rice bowl because he didn't care for it.

So, I ordered the Monte Cristo. He had the gaul to tell me that it was very fattening... that it had about 4,000 calories... and that he would never order it. I still did. He was too thin anyway. Obviously he didn't really know much about food.

But the tale gets worse. When our food arrived... and I kid you not... the goofy, squirrely guy pulled up a chair. And sat with us. Can you say awkward? And to make matters worse... he pulled out a handful of trail nuts and gummy fruits that a kid would eat. And spread them all over the table in front of him. And he gobbled away while I ate my Monte Cristo.

Thank God he got called away.

I haven't returned to that restaurant, either. Never mind that it's out of business, now.

Hey, I wonder if this goofball single handedly put the restaurant chain out of business...

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