Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Have it your way... have it your way...

Making hamburgers at home is usually not a daunting task. Until tonight. We were missing a few ingredients.

Like lettuce, tomatoes and the salad that Rick always likes to have with each meal. So, since Rick began cooking before I had gotten home, he sent Elizabeth off to the store. She's done that before. She's shopped. She's seen grocery stores before.

But tonight one would wonder.

When I got home from work, I began putting together the salad... and I noticed that the lettuce was beyond hope. It was gnarley. It was brown. It was mushy. And Elizabeth bought three bags of this delicious stuff. Great. Guess who was going to get to return it all?

Then I noticed that she bought eight tomatoes. Eight? Liz there are THREE of us and I don't even like tomatoes. But even better than that was the beautiful head of... cabbage. Not lettuce. Not the green stuff you put on hamburgers. But a big, hearty, head of cabbage. Are those even called heads?

So we ate hamburgers tonight. Sans salad. Sans lettuce. But with plenty of tomatoes!

And after dinner I took Liz and one of her friends to church. And I couldn't resist tattling on her... saying, "Can you believe this kid came home with black lettuce for us to eat?"

Her friend grimaced and said, "EWWWW!" Then I saw her lean over to Liz and whisper, "Is that bad?"

I think Liz' friend took cooking lessons from me...

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