Thursday, October 23, 2008

55 degrees

I moved to Texas, why?

That's what I was asking myself all day yesterday. WHY???? 55 degrees is cold!!

But I did get some exercise today, bolting to and from my car when I had to go out. Because, of course, I never took my coat. Why would I do that, when I was only going inside, where it would inevitably be warm.

And given that knowledge you'll be just as baffled as I am at my surprise when my daughter pulled something nearly as stupid. Wait, it was stupider.

When I dropped her off at bible study/church last night I hadn't noticed her feet. I assumed there were shoes on them feet. I assumed wrong.

When I picked her up at 10:00 pm, I saw her waiting with her friends and that's when I noticed that there were no shoes at all on those feet.

She opened the door and I said, "No, go get your shoes!" (Assuming she'd just left them inside.)

"I didn't wear any. I forgot." No, people don't forget to wear shoes. They just don't. Maybe because they can't get served in a restaurant without them. No shirts, no shoes, no service. Simple.

So, Liz was shoeless in this 55 degree weather and claiming that it didn't matter because she was hot anyway. Even though I had the heater on in my car full blast. Heck, I was hot, too. But I wasn't standing outside with no shoes on. And still recovering from a cold from a few days ago.

So there you have it. One Kahle who runs from her car to her work, without a coat, in the 55 degree weather... and one Kahle who simply can't remember to wear shoes.

I wonder where Liz gets it?

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