Sunday, October 26, 2008

Early one morning

Because my daughter is grounded, because my daughter is always grounded – just ask her, she’ll tell you she’s always grounded – I had to get up at 5:24 this morning to drive her to work. I guess, in a way, I am grounded, too.

Anyway, we got her to Curves by 6:00 am and because I was up I decided to go ahead and do my daily workout right then. Why not? I was up.

There is a regular morning gang at Curves that religiously works out at 6:00. These are crazy people. But they are dedicated crazy people. And my daughter is in her glory when working that early in the morning. You see, these crazy people are my daughter’s friends. I guess. These are women that like to hear what’s going on in Liz’ life while they are working out. And Liz loves to share what’s going on in her life. Constantly.

I do not know these people, because, of course, I am unfamiliar with this thing called 6:00 AM. I am only aware of the 6:00 in the PM. But I hopped on a machine and began my routine. And they did their thing. And Liz did hers. She stood in front of several women and poured out her life to them. How she was grounded, how she’s in love, and how she has no idea what college to go to… but mostly how she’s in love.

And these ladies gave Liz advice. Free advice. Lots of advice.

And I just listened.

Somewhere in the middle of my routine, Liz asked me a question… about what time she should be home tomorrow from her dinner date… that she was going to get to go on, once she was ungrounded. I simply said, “That’s up to your dad. He has set the rules.”

Also at that time, one of the ladies noticed that I actually existed in that room. Up until then, I hadn’t. I was not part of “the click.” One lady said to me, “How do you seem to know so much about her?”

“I’m her mom.”

The room fell silent.

And all I could do was smile.

Be careful what you say and when… you never know who’s listening…

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