Monday, October 27, 2008

It doesn't take a genious...

... to figure out that 'no electricity' means just that. No electricity.

However, I am not a genious. I make no claim to be one. And I just proved it to everyone.

If you own a townhouse, a place that you will use for renting out and collecting monies, and you get the brilliant idea that you will store one of your cars over there until the renter moves in... make sure there's electricity. Yep, electricity. The stuff that allows you to open the garage door, to remove the car that you so brilliantly placed there a few days before.

And... since that car is for sale... and you need to have it available to show people... well, that thing called electricity is important.

And that's where our car sits. Trapped. In a garage. And we can't get it out until the renter moves in and turns the electricity on.

Yep. I has a college degree.

Oh and if you want to make sure the townhouse is all sparkly and clean for when the renters move in? Don't save the vaccuuming until the last minute. Electricity plays an important role in that, too.

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