Saturday, November 1, 2008


We received this in our school mail boxes yesterday. I was actually happy not to have some folks' views shoved down my throat... anymore... Nov. 4th can't come fast enough, I tell ya.

Ladies and gentlemen,

As election day draws near, many are excited about their candidates and the manner in which they want the new realm to proceed.

It is not, however, appropriate for us as educators to blatantly represent one candidate in the educational setting. In our zealousness to proudly present our views, please be mindful that the wearing of buttons, hats, signs, or anything that would obviously represent a particular candidate is not acceptable. What you do in your own time is entirely up to you. Our course of action within our purview and capacity is to encourage the voting process and the right to avail oneself of voting...not to present either/any side.

If you have anything visible that represents in this capacity, please remove it and save it for your personal life. Thank you.

Dr. Anderson, Principal - Falcon Creek Elementary

You know, there really is something to that "don't discuss politics or religion with your friends" thing.

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