Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One more thought...

Meet Carolyn. A dear friend of Rick's who has been a missionary in Peru for the last twelve years.

Last year, Carolyn brought her husband and daughter to Dallas to study at "Christ For The Nations," a seminary of sorts in Dallas, to further their understanding of God and His mission work.

They were here for about four months and then returned to Peru to pray and assess the needs of their churches in Peru... and to see what else God had in store for them.

And we were that surprised when Carolyn announced that they had decided to return to Dallas. For at least three years.

And when the time came for them to return (this past May) we were that surprised to learn that they would not only be returning... but that they would most likely be returning here permanently.

You see, Augusto, Carolyn's Peruvian born husband and Chaska, Carolyn's Peruvian born daughter were in love. With Dallas. With Texas. With the USA.

And why not? We have a great nation. With open doors. And a lot of love to give.

So despite all of the bank hoopla of the last month... and all of the mud slinging of the current month... America is a glorious place. With open arms. And a high, high level of tolerance. It's no wonder that people are clamouring to live here.

And I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

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