Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This half century old body...

… is doing pretty darn good.

I love good news. And that’s what I got today. Since I had to have a physical last week (just so my doctor would stop bugging me and because I needed her to refill my meds) I relented and went in for my physical. Oh how I hate physicals.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve learned:

Staph infection – doing quite well. Almost gone.
Hearing – pretty good, but I’ve lost my lowest register. I was told it was from the ear buds I used to wear while tuning out my colleagues at Warner Bros. for 14 years. (No Juanita, not you.)
Vision – okay, so I don’t see quite as well as I used to. I can’t complain though. I only have to wear my glasses to drive… which I don’t do. So stay off the roads when I’m on them.
Blood pressure – normal, even though my family members do succeed in raising it a bit.
Cholesterol – even better than normal. AND the lowest it’s EVER been! WHOO HOO! Going out to dinner tonight to celebrate!
*** Can I load my baked potato with cheese????
Good cholesterol – good. Okay, more cheese!
Bad cholesterol – too high. WHOO HO… oh, wait. Too high ain’t good. Doctor said no more fried foods. I had French fries today at lunch just to show her… actually I forgot. I’ll do better tomorrow. Maybe.

And finally…. I’m anemic. But even that’s good news… TEXAS, LAND & CATTLE Steakhouse, here I come! Bring on the red meat!!

All in all, though, I did get a very good report. Cancer was non-existent in various tested body parts (YEA!) and although the doctor did ride me about diet and exercise, she wasn’t too brutal about it. Not too brutal, anyway. I can forgive her.

Now, bring on the steak! I need to build up my blood!!

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