Sunday, December 14, 2008

Greetings from Chicago!! I mean, Frisco...

It is so stinkin' cold here that I've got my bags packed and I'm moving back to California. Right now. I'm there.

And the wind!! Well, add the wind chill factor to the actual temps and I'm pretty sure it's below zero. I know it's close.

I checked just to make sure I wasn't making this all up. Or that I wasn't a wimp.

Nope. agreed with me. This was cold!

I'm not sure it's ever been this cold in Frisco.

And while I was sitting here feeling oh-so-sorry for myself... I got an email from my friend Lisa in Burley, Idaho.

It's cold in Burley as well. Uh, it was even a bit colder.

Okay, okay. So Burley wins.

But I'm still cold here. And I'm not putting my down parka away just yet. Or my alpaca wool coat.

That reminds me... they're having a coat sale at Dillards.

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