Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Property Tax

Rick: "The property tax bill came for the townhouse. Should we send it over to them?"

Kris: "To who?"

R: "The renters."

K: "You want them to pay our property tax?"

R: "Well, yeah. We don't live there."

K: "But we own it. You want them to pay the property tax on this house, too?"

R: "No, I'll pay that one. But why can't they pay the one for the townhouse?"

K: "Because they don't own it."

R: "Should we send it to the previous owner?"

K: "Does she own our townhouse?"

R: "Well, her name's on it."

K: "Yeah, as the previous owner. Our name's on it, too."

R: "Well, then who should pay it?"

K: "Who owns it?"

R: "We do, I think."

K: "Then we have to pay it."

R: "I don't like that."

K: "Heck, I don't like it, either. But it's a fact."

R: "You sure we can't send it to the previous owner?"

K: "You can, but I have a feeling it won't be a priority with her..."

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