Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Memory is shot...

It was my turn to host Bunco on Thursday night. And so I did.

And part of the responsibilities of hosting is to do the inviting. And so I did.

I sent out a typical email and then realized that I was missing the email address of one of the players. Found her phone number though and called her to give her a personal invitation.

Her answering machine answered and so I began chatting away.

"Hi, Laura. This is Kris Kahle from Bunco. And I'm sorry to be calling so late but I wanted to make sure you remembered that Bunco is tomorrow night... and it's at my house. I know you've been here before but just in case you've forgotten, I live at 6, um, 6... Well, it's on Plantation. In Frisco. It's on the corner of... Well, you've been here before. Go ahead and give me a call at... (972) 334... well, I'm sure you've got that number, too. Hope to see you here!"

Yeah. With all that information? I was that amazed when Laura actually made it to the Bunco game.

Thursday night... when all the guests had arrived, one had the gall to ask me for a bowl to put the dip in that she brought. For the life of me, I could not find a bowl. I mean, I only live here for Pete's sake.

As we all gathered around the hors d'oeuvres, I realized that we needed some light.... and I promptly turned on the garbage disposal.

Maybe I don't really live here.

Anyway, it was just that kind of a night. I didn't know where I lived, where the bowls lived and how to light my way.... but heck, I can sure find the garbage disposal.

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