Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Could I BE any happier?

Woke up this morning to this ...

January 28: Due to unsafe weather conditions in the district,
LISD schools and facilities are closed for today.
All evening events cancelled as well.

Elizabeth has the same message on her school's website. 'Cept it's for her school district.

I LOVE bad weather!!

Major freeways are closed, too. Apparently dangerous ice forms on freeways that are built over rivers or are even raised a little bit. Which would be most of the freeways around us.

Dangerous, yes, however, I'm thinking that Texans panic just as much as Californians... The news is CONSUMED with the bad weather.

And you know what? I sure wish I'd done the grocery shopping over this past weekend... I have a feeling that the Kahles are going to be getting a little hungry around dinnertime tonight...

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