Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Whoo Hoo!

I left work yesterday with this message in my head...

In case you have not already heard, bad weather is predicted for today and tomorrow.

FYI, there have been occasions when the local media erroneously reported LISD was closed and we were not, thus, Special Ed has it's own "bad weather" phone tree and those that are responsible for calling staff have already been alerted.

Please be sure to have your cell phones functioning in the event of closure or late arrival.

And boy did I pray. Not that I don't like to work or anything...

And today? I woke up to this!!!!

Due to unsafe weather conditions in the district,
LISD schools and facilities are closed for today,
January 27.

Boy did I cry. NOT!

So I had an unexpected day off today. And did I have big plans!

We are at the 32 degree mark... freezing if you will... and that had plenty of people scared. Sorry, but not me. Instead of staying in and hibernating... well, to me, it all mean't breakfast out with Rick and a time to get all of my errands done!

Like I would ever get any errands done... what, was I crazy? It was a day off!!!!!

Yee Haw!

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