Monday, January 26, 2009

Fire Drill?

Working at an elementary school, I have to put up with odd things like fire drills, lock downs and tornado warnings that always manage to interrupt my game of Free Cell or my personal phone calls.

Today was no different. That ol' fire drill came right in the middle of my break. Excuse me? Couldja wait a minute? I'm enjoying my diet coke here... I immediately considered just hiding under my desk or in the closet... but actually, I could never have handled those deafening shrieks that were screeching out of the walls. So... just in case it was the real thing... I decided to behave myself and head outside with all the kiddos.

And I survived it.

A few hours later, I stopped by a nearby Target to pick up some supplies we needed at home. Standing in the middle of the picture frame aisle I suddenly heard an all too familiar sound.

Target was having a fire drill?? How weird was that?

My first thought was to hide. Again. After all, no one would know. No one even knew I was at Target.

And then it occurred to me.

Target probably doesn't do fire drills.

Note to everyone... if you are standing in a Target, and you hear a fire alarm, it's probably the real thing.

And I bolted.

I'll never know what happened at Target because that was one time I decided not to hide in the closet. Or under my desk.

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